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Technology in the service of utility, safety and comfort.
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NOHO Service

Residents of 10 Dolnych Młynów will gain access to a range of services, ordered through a dedicated app. Practical solutions such as arranging a massage, ordering catering, cleaning, beautician, personal trainer or nanny will be at their fingertips.

Smart Home

NOHO apartments are equipped with a smart home system. The Smart Home package will allow voice or remote control of lighting, underfloor and radiator heating, the availability of electricity at a particular socket and the construction and activation of pre-programmed scenarios thanks to a variety of sensors.

With NOHO Smart Home, our customers will have access to unlimited possibilities for creating an intelligent space. The system allows the installation of advanced alarm systems, a proximity key, a door and window opening sensor, the ability to control blinds, shutters, air conditioning and much more.